MESOP MIDEAST WATCH : Sadrist Movement Says Pro-Iran Coordination Framework Responsible for Parliament Suspension

17.8.22 – ERBIL — The Sadrist Movement said on Sunday that the pro-Iran Shia factions of the Coordination Framework are to be blamed for the suspension of the Iraqi parliament.

Salih Muhammed al-Iraqi, known as a senior aide to Muqtada al-Sadr, said in statement that the Coordination Framework crippled the political process after creating obstacles to the Sadrist’s efforts to form the new government of Iraq.

The Sadrist Movement emerged victorious in the latest elections held in October 2021 while the Coordination Framework “lost big”, the official reminded.

Al-Iraqi also reminded that the armed militia groups began targeting the Kurdistan Region and Anbar province with drones and rockets after the Kurds and Sunnis joined an alliance with the Sadrist Movement to form the new government of Iraq after the elections.

“The withdrawal of 73 MPs [of the Sadrist Movement], and presenting at least 10 initiatives to resolve what you call ‘a political impasse’, are definitely not imposing our will,” the official added.

The Sadrist Movement has made its position clear — asking for the dissolution of the parliament and calling for early elections. It has given the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council a deadline that expires on August 19 to initiate the dissolution of the legislature.

However, the Judicial Council said in statement earlier today that such a decision is not within its legal jurisdictions, and that clashing parties should avoid dragging the Council into political tensions.