MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: ERDOGAN’S ISTANBUL BOMB! – Commentaries by Seth Frantzman (Jerusalem Post)

If you ever want to see a marvel of a media-government machine it’s worth following Turkish media…how it goes from “we don’t know much about this explosion” to “here we have all the details of this well trained terrorist who looks not well trained at all and was found quickly.”

9:48 AM · Nov 14, 2022·Twitter Web App

There’s no other media that approaches this media-government industrial complex…the degree to which they go from zero to 100% on something, no questions, no analysis…just total propaganda. Impossible to believe because it’s so shallow.


Like here you have the name of the perpetrator, ok where were they born, who is their family, how did this happen, who rented them an apartment, how did they get into Turkey? How is it that they look like they are being abused as they are detained and fearful, surprised


How often does it happen that a terrorist is caught within a few hours of an attack and every detail is known? I mean after 9/11 it took a long time to piece things together; only Ankara can solve these cases so quickly and without any critical media questions.

they found a case of new bullets and a gun in her apartment? One officer goes through things without a glove, the others with gloves? No IDs, just lots of freshly minted cash sitting around? Otherwise nothing in the apartment really.

In one video a “raid” with police with weapons…but the perpetrator didn’t try to use the pistol she supposedly had…but in another series of “leaked” photos the perpetrator is being grabbed, hit, choked seemingly to get her face in the camera.

In the still photos they are grabbing her by the neck to put her face in the frame for a photo; but then in the video they are pushing her head down to march her out, so which is it, show her face or not?

And then amazingly, quick interrogation, she reveals everything…special training, the training didn’t evidently involve not giving up all the information; and amazingly a tale that goes through Afrin to Kobani…like clockwork.


And another dozen or so arrests also…like how did they find all those other guys so quickly; supposedly with the woman terrorist they had the videos blurred out from yesterday…by morning the whole network uncovered.

anyone who follows terrorism, even when it is advanced hi-tech societies catching terrorists, it takes time, and time to know everything, and usually they don’t reveal everything in five minutes of interrogation; but Ankara is different.


In other states we might get questions about the perpetrator’s origin, etc; but not with Ankara. There is never an open question, it’s just case closed even before it was opened.


Oh wait the “story” continues to grow in Ankara…with stories of a “phone” traced to Kobani…”tracked” even (when?)…and a “Greece” connection…and an assassin who was going to neutralize the perpetrator after to cover the tracks…how did they find all this out so quickly…

Let me guess this is going to be another “drip-drip” series of media leaks with details getting more salacious by the hour…more complex…conspiracies growing…more people to blame, more suspects…more countries…more needs for a military operation, drone strikes, artillery

I’ve already seen a few replies to my posts asking about Israel, and everyone who follows Israel counter-terror knows that you never have shut an open and shut case within 12 hours; it takes time even with good intel-surveillance to find perpetrators and map networks.

The argument in Ankara is they have lots of surveillance, and that’s how they caught the suspect and network…but they leads to questions of why they weren’t able to stop the attack also. Either they knew so much about it or not and then it takes time to investigate