Abdulla Hawez  12.10.2021 –

There are speculations and analyses as to why the PUK candidate in Erbil from the Bradost tribe failed to win a seat. Many question the results and claim there was tampering due to Bradostis are Barzani’s historical anonymity and the candidate was endorsed by Lahur Talabani.

Lastly, PUK’s Bafel Talabani didn’t want him to win either because he was close to Lahur Talabani. Bradostis are known for their warm ties to PKK; the candidate’s brother was actually arrested for a year for assisting the person who assassinated a Turkish diplomat in Erbil.

Bradostis are very rich and are loved by many in Erbil because they do help people but they are also hated by many including powerful people such as Barzanis; they are even more hated by Turkey because they are very influential in Khakurk, an extremely strategic area for Turkey.