MESOP MIDEAST NEWS Opinion- The Ghosts of Tantura / A Palestinian Mass Grave

Gideon Levy HAARETZ  Jan. 23, 2022 -The ghosts of Tantura shall not let go until the last of the witnesses and the descendants die. The ghosts of Tantura may not let go until the truth comes to light and Israel acknowledges it.

That’s how it is with truth, it never relaxes its grip. Despite all the efforts to conceal it and eliminate those who expose it, it keeps popping up. Alon Schwarz’s disturbing documentary “Tantura,” that was screened Friday and Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, should have been shown at an Israeli film festival. It has the power to bring these ghosts to rest and force Israel to finally acknowledge the truth. This will not happen, of course.

There’s a Mass Palestinian Grave at a Popular Israeli Beach, Veterans Confess

The Israeli veterans of the 1948 battle at Tantura village finally come clean about the mass killing of Arabs that took place after the village’s surrender

Adam Raz HAARETZ – Jan. 20, 2022

“They silenced it,” the former combat soldier Moshe Diamant says, trying to be spare with his words. “It mustn’t be told, it could cause a whole scandal. I don’t want to talk about it, but it happened. What can you do? It happened.”

Twenty-two years have passed since the furor erupted over the account of what occurred during the conquest by Israeli troops of the village of Tantura, north of Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast, in the War of Independence. The controversy sprang up in the wake of a master’s thesis written by an Israeli graduate student named Theodore Katz, that contained testimony about atrocities perpetrated by the Alexandroni Brigade against Arab prisoners of war. The thesis led to the publication of an article in the newspaper Maariv headlined “The Massacre at Tantura.” Ultimately, a libel suit filed against Katz by veterans of the brigade induced him to retract his account of a massacre.