MESOP MIDEAST NEWS KURDISTAN IRAQ -Sinjar: KDP Cadre Found Dead after Abducted by PKK

7-1-2022 ERBIL — A cadre of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Friday was found dead in Sinjar where he had been abducted by the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), a local official said.

Confirming to BasNews, Idris Zozani, a KDP official in the area, explained that the victim was identified as Ahmed Hussein who was kidnapped by the PKK fighters on Thursday evening.

“His body was found in Sinjar today morning,” Zozani added, noting that he was from Khanesor and that he had visited Sinjar district yesterday.

The KDP official blamed the Iraqi government for not taking legal actions to put an end to violations committed by outlawed armed groups in Sinjar, adding that the PKK has abducted and killed tens of people in the region over the past years.