MESOP LATEST : Britain appoints Senior Defense adviser as military representative in Kurdistan

24.8.2014 – Shafaq News / The British Government announced on Sunday, the appointment of a military envoy in Erbil and confirmed on increasing the size of its military assistance to Kurdistan

Regional Government to confront the terrorist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization. The spokesman for the British government said in a statement followed by “Shafaq News”, that “ London has decided to send aid and military equipment to Peshmarga forces and the Iraqi army with clothing and other supplies, as well as weapons and ammunition. He added that British Prime Minister , David Cameron appointed senior adviser to the Ministry of Defense ,Simon Maillol as its Special Representative for military and security cooperation in Kurdistan region, declaring that he would arrive in Erbil next week.

He explained that Maillol , a rank of general will meet with security officials and Kurds and give them consulted and seeks to help the Iraqi leaders to form an inclusive government in Baghdad. Maillol had participated in several wars in the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. Several European countries, including Britain, France , the Czech Republic and Germany had decided to send weapons and military equipment to Kurdistan Region, in which its Peshmerga forces are facing ISIS militants. Kurdish forces retook recently with the help of American air strikes, regions and cities that they had lost earlier this month in Nineveh and Diyala