Kurdish ‘capital’ erupts in battle between Kurds and Assad militias – See more at:…

Qamişlo: Asayîş is asking citizens living in Halku neighbourhood as well as on the road to the airport to evacuate from the area.

Kurdish asayish member told me he expects fighting continue tomorrow, “now everywhere there is fighting”.

Civilians fleeing the violence in Qamislo. Fighting ongoing #twitterkurds


Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 13m13 minutes ago

As last remaining #Syria opposition delegates plan to leave #Geneva in 12hrs… … UN says peace talks to resume next week.

Kurds on both sides of the borders are now fighting, in Turkey against Turkish army, in Syria, against Syrian militias #twitterkurds

Today, it seems Arabs have joined Assad NDF forces, and becoming more and more like a civil war.

Heavy clashes in the village of Kharbat Amo, the Kurdish forces trying to capture this Arab village from regime militias NDF.

Very heavy clashes in the villages between SAA and YPG/Asayish #qamishli #syria

I dont get it who said there is ceasefire, when I can hear all the time gunfire #qamislo #twitterkurds


Looks like 154th regiment of Syrian army is supporting NDF forces with heavy artillery, sounds of heavy blasts.

The fighting is not only in city of #Qamislo also in villages around it #syria #twitterkurds

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Opposition @SyrianHNC video details pro-regime violations during the cessation of hostilities: … #Syria #Assad

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