MESOP KCK / PKK STATEMENT – “NO TALKS WITH TURKS” – We will have no talks unless Kurdish existence is clearly recognized

18 June 2016 –  FIRAT AGENCY  – The Executive Council Co-Presidency of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities’ Union) refuted Turkish President Binali Yıldırım’s claim that “PKK conveyed us a demand for talks” amid Turkey’s increasingly highlighted discourses that “We have crushed PKK and we are about to end it”.KCK underlined that the Turkish government was trying to make it look like that its ruling which has been shaken by Kurdish resistance remains strong, and that it has defeated the PKK which therefore wants to talk with it.

The statement continued; “The public opinion and our people should know that we have nothing to talk with a government that aims to establish a hegemonic and fascist order by crushing the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle and the democracy forces.”

KCK pointed out that the Kurdish question can be talked and resolved only with a government bearing a democratic mindset which the AKP government lacks, adding; “It is not possible to come up with a solution to the Kurdish question on the basis of democratization unless the genocidal mentality voiced by Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan on daily basis is eliminated through a struggle of democracy powers.”

The statement also stressed that is not possible to overcome the existing problems by means of talks with a government that started a war after rejecting the Dolmabahçe Agreement prepared owing to the efforts of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

“It goes without doubt that Leader Apo (referring to Öcalan) and Kurdish Freedom Movement chose the path of a political resolution, and made every sacrifice on their part. However, the AKP government that lacks a mindset and policy for a resolution instrumentalized these talks and Leader Apo’s efforts, and used them in order to strengthen its own ruling. By refusing to resolve the Kurdish question and instrumentalizing these efforts, the AKP government has committed a severe crime against the peoples of Turkey. There currently exists a political oligarchy that must be tried and punished for deceiving the people and dragging Turkey into a conflict environment.”

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency remarked that the AKP government lacked a resolution policy for the Kurdish question and that it therefore waged an attack of oppression and elimination against the Kurdish Freedom Movement that has grown stronger both inside and outside Turkey.

“This is the reason why Kurdish cities have been torn down, and why Turkish officials pledge to keep these attacks going until the will of the Kurdish people is broken and cowed into submission. The enmity towards the Rojava Revolution, and the fascist attacks targeting the Kurdish people and democracy powers are a most concrete expression of this truth”, underlined the KCK statement.

KCK continued, saying; “Kurdish Freedom Movement will have no talks with any political power unless the Kurdish existence is clearly recognized and the free and democratic living of Kurds is accepted within the scope of Turkey’s democratization. There will be no other process of diversion and delusion of the people.”

The present mindset and politics can only be responded with struggle, said the KCK, adding; “The AKP fascism, desperate in both domestic and foreign policy now, is making an effort to create a perception that PKK is demanding to have talks with the Turkish state because it has lost strength. This effort aims to weaken the approach and struggle manifested by the democracy powers inside and outside the country against the AKP government.”

KCK stressed that the freedom and democracy struggle against the fascist AKP government must be enhanced and continued with commitment.

Source: Firat News Agency