Kurdish Attorney General Calls Gorran Leader to Appear in Court  – He is charged with planning plots to attack consulates and foreign representativew offices in Kurdistan

Sardar Sattar – basnews – 2 June 2016 – ERBIL — The Attorney General in Kurdistan Region has called on the leader of Gorran (Change Movement) to appear in court on charges of allegedly plotting attacks against consulates and foreign representation offices.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) media outlets previously released video and audio recordings as evidences to claim that Gorran’s General-Coordinator Nawshirwan Mustafa speaks about a plot to attack consulates and foreign representation offices in Kurdistan Region by mob attacks. The head of the Court of Cassation in Erbil confirmed the report on Wednesday and told Kurdistan24 that Mustafa has already been called to appear in court and clarify the charges. However, Mustafa is yet to appear in court, and officials from Gorran told BasNews that he will personally decide on the case. Whether he goes or not, says an official, we believe that the audio recordings are crafted with technology. Speaking to BasNews, Gorran officials accused the Kurdish judicial authorities of being affiliated with political parties, and that this is an unlawful order made as an attempt to atack their leader.