MESOP INSIGHT NEWS : Task Force to Meet to Discuss Syria Ceasefire Violations

A ceasefire among many of the warring parties in Syria’s civil war largely held through the weekend. A number of violations have been reported, but the United Nations announced today that it is confident enough in the security situation to dispatch humanitarian aid convoys to six towns this week. An international task force will meet this afternoon to discuss reported breaches of the agreement. “We need to get an explanation from the Russians on the strikes that took place on Sunday,” one Western diplomat told Reuters, discussing the resumption of Russian airstrikes on Sunday after a one-day suspension of its air campaign. The Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee has submitted a letter in which it notes that violations occurred “here and there,” but that said that, with the easing of violence over the weekend, it was “positive to see people getting relief…to be safe, and free from fear.” U.N.-backed peace talks between the parties to the conflict are set to resume on March: