MESOP : Information on forcibly displaced People as a result of the curfew in the Sur district of the Diyarbakır province

Address: Elazığ Cad. Nr. 10, 21100 Yenişehir / Diyarbakir

Status 10.02.2016 – Curfews have started in end of August 2015, since then six times a curfew has been declared, the ongoing curfew is valid since 1st of December 2016

The Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality (DBB) has created a coordination with the district municipalities Yenişehir, Bağlar, Kayapınar and Sur and several NGO’s in order to organize aid for the displaced people from the Sur district.

Number of supported displaced families: 4265
Number of supported families in the Yenişehir district: 1060
Number of supported families in the Bağlar district: 1250
Number of supported families in the Kayapınar district: 750
Number of supported families in the Sur district: 1200
(some of the displaced people changed their location from the eastern parts, which are mainly affected by
the curfew and clashes, to the western parts of the Sur district)
Number of total supported people: 30.000
Estimated total number of displaced people from the Sur district: 50.000
– Around 20.000 people have not yet applied to the DBB and the four district municipalities or live
in villages around the city or in other districts of the Diyarbakır province.
– The DBB registers digitally all families which get regularly aid.
– 95 % of the population in the Sur district is poor

It is estimated that two third of the displaced people (mostly two-three families together) have
rented new apartments in the other parts of the city.
One third of the displaced people live in apartments of relatives or friends, but mostly a family is
distributed in several apartments.
It is supposed that 70 % of the buildings in the eastern part of the old city (six neighborhoods)
have been destroyed fully or partly by the operation of the police and military.
The organized aid consist of: Dry Food, Blanket and Quilts, Kitchen equipment, Cleaning supplies,
Health supplies, Children food and health supplies.
Additionally in compliance with the DBB private persons support families with cash in order to pay
the rent.
The aid packages are prepared for the need of a family for the period of a month.