MESOP “HERO’S MEN” CLASHING – PUK Intraparty Rifts Deepening

The ‘Decision-making Body’ criticizes a meeting of the PUK’s influential faction without their presence

5 Oct 2016 – BasNews – SULAYMANIYAH — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is suffering from increasing intraparty tensions between the ‘decision-making body’, led by the two secretary-general deputies and the influential faction, led by Hero Ibrahim, a politburo member and spouse of the secretary general.  Following the meeting of Ibrahim with several leading figures of the party earlier this week under the title of a politburo meeting, the rival faction slammed the action, warning that it may “rapture” the PUK. In a statement released on Tuesday, October 4, the deputies’ faction expressed concern over the meeting held by Ibrahim and without their presence, stressing out that such meetings are a “violation against [PUK’s] bylaw.”

The decision-making body insists that the continuation of the “previous wrong policies” will lead PUK to an essential breakdown. “With such actions, you are evading responsibilities to solve issues,” the statement addressed the influential faction. PUK’s secretary-general deputies, Kosrat Rasoul and Barham Salih, backed by a number of leading figures of the party, announced the establishment of the ‘Decision-making Body’ on September 1st. They called the approach an attempt to prevent a group within PUK to “monopolize the authority and use the party’s financial sources for personal interests.”