MESOP FOCUS : Turkey, Syria & SDF Likely to Clash Over Al-Bab

Basnews English – 21/11/2016 – ERBIL — A military source from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Sunday that their forces are determined to push toward al-Bab city in east of Aleppo and will confront Turkish-backed rebels. The source told BasNews that as a result of new international attitudes, heavy confrontations on the al-Bab city borders  possibly to occur in the upcoming few days among Syrian regime forces, Turkish-backed rebels and SDF.

After Turkey failed to execute its deal with the Syrian regime to convince the opposition forces to withdraw from Aleppo, Syrian regime forces will intervene in al-Bab operation to prevent Turkish-backed rebels from controlling the city, the source said.The source added that SDF is to bargain liberating Raqqa city with controlling al-Bab in case of exerting  a pressure by US-led coalition upon them. In case of controlling al-Bab by Euphrates Shield forces, the Kurdish hope to establish a unified autonomous region will wane as they won’t be able to connect Afrin to the rest of the cantons in the Kurdish region in northern Syria (Rojava).