MESOP Execution Alert: Loghman Moradi Hanged in Iran Today?

February 23, 2014 at 5:15 am MESOP – Loghman Moradi is to be taken away at 6:00 a.m. Sunday for “court proceedings,” which may mean the gallows.

The International Committee Against Execution (ICAE) has just been informed by sources inside Rajai-Shahr prison that Loghman Moradi’s name was called on the loudspeaker and that he will be taken away at 6:00 a.m.Sunday for “court proceedings”. It is understood or at least assumed that he is going to be taken to the gallows as this is the usual process before an execution. Prisoners in Rajai-Shahr are keeping vigil. Here is Zaniar Moradi’s letter perhaps the last, regarding this report.

Zaniar Moradi’s letter February 22, 2014 to ICAE

Translated by Shadi Paveh: “Tonight I will stay up with my “soul mate” Loghman who share the very same fate as me. Do whatever you can to stop them from killing us.

We are cousins but people think we are brothers. We have the same last name. Our fates are interconnected….we are one. We share one of the deepest bonds.

Many times I have thought about the cold day that they will hang us side by side. I think of how people can stand to see us die and hang and not be horrified by it.

I ask you what kind of life this has been for two young boys who should be out dancing and partying instead of being locked up in prison waiting to be executed. I ask you to tell me who is responsible for it all.

And tonight…I do not know what to say or what to do…. they will come to take him away in a few hours?

It is important to not lose hope. They called out his name on the loud speaker and said that he will be taken away “for court”. What kind of trick is this? What about me? Why are they taking him alone? Are they actually taking him just for court?

Tonight I shall stay up with my soul mate whose fate has been intertwined with mine. I ask you to do whatever it is that you can do….don’t let them kill us. That is all we ask.