Syrian Kurds Choose Prague for 1st (forml) European Office

The first European office of Syria’s Kurds will be opened in Prague. It will provide military and financial support for the PYD/PKK. (In fact PYD had many offices years before in London and Brussels.)Syria’s Kurds are going to open their first European office. The headquarters will be situated in Prague, Ceska Televize reported, citing Kurdish militia spokesperson Sheruan Hassan. Due to security reasons, the address of the unofficial office of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) is now confidential. The office will provide political, financial and military support for Kurds.

The decision to pick Prague wasn’t only due to the fact that it’s in Europe. “The Czech people and the Kurds have a lot in common. We have a similar historic experience,” Hassan explained. According to him, the Syrian Kurds could help the European nations resolve the ongoing migrant crisis.One of those supporting the Kurds in the Czech capital is Lumir Nemec, a former member of the special operations unit of the Czech Military Police. “We’re trying to get in touch with political parties and influential people so they can help the Kurdish people,” Nemec said.An office of the female Kurdish forces will also be established in Czech Republic. Their interests will be represented and protected by field commander Iman Al Darvis.