US Changes Plan of Building Air Base in Syrian Kurdistan / The Air base will be included in a large military compound in southern Kobani

Narin Kobani – 10 April 2016 – KOBANI — USA has allegedly made shifts in its plan and decided to instead relocate it to the western outskirt of Kobani, and build its air base in a village in the southern part of the town.

A source from the Syrian Kurdistan administration in Kobani Canton, confirmed to BasNews that the US has halted its plan for setting up an air base in the Kharab-Ashiq village, eastern Kobani and it is now planning to build the facility within a larger military base in Sabt village. According to the source, the US has previously bought a wide area of land in Kharab-Ashiq, but ultimately changed the plan to include the air base within a  military compound in Sabt village.Some local farmers from Kharab-Ashiq confirmed to BasNews that they have already sold their farms to the US air forces as they were planning to use the area for military purposes.Sabt is an Arab village where the residents have abandoned their homes due to the military conflicts; the village is now under the control of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).