MESOP ALEPPO : 300000 People at risk of death – the WEST looks peaceful to all

Syria Daily: Opposition Faces a Regime Siege of Aleppo

13 July 2016 – By Scott Lucas – eaworldview  The opposition in Aleppo is facing a siege after an advance by pro-Assad forces north of Syria’s largest city. Last week the Syrian militia and foreign militias, covered by intense Russian airstrikes, seized the al-Mallah Farms and moved within 1.5 km of the al-Castello road. They placed heavy artillery on the hills, establishing “fire control” over the route to threaten any rebel or civilian traffic.An official in the opposition-held area of Aleppo, divided since July 2012, said months of basic supplies have been stockpiled although
some goods are running out. Brita Hagi Hassan, the President of the opposition’s City Council, said authorities are trying to ration consumption to prevent hoarding and prevent traders from overcharging.

However, prices of non-perishable staple foods have tripled and the cost of fresh produce — if it can be found — is rising even more sharply. A kilogram (2.2 pounds) of tomatoes is now at least five times more expensive.

Activists and UN officials say about 300,000 people live in the opposition districts. Hassan put the number at 400,000.

He said flour, wheat, fuel, sugar, and rice, and residents have been stockpiled:

I reassured people on this matter….We can remain for several months without a problem.

There are posters, pamphlets and there will be a press conference about this matter, so that the people are aware of the new situation, because the situation is very bad.

The council has set aside fuel for essential users such as bakeries, as operators of generators are told to cut back to two hours a day.

A father of five, Malek Idrees, said:

The streets are abnormally quiet after several barrel bombs hit our neighborhood. People are waiting.

I could not find fresh produce for the last two days …but there are no severe shortages….Most goods [are] still in the markets. [However] I could not find bread yesterday.