Maliki Warns International Community Not to Give Weapons to Kurds

18.08.2014 – BasNews, Baghdad – Former Iraqi Prime Minister has warned those countries that are willing to give arms to Kurdistan region, not to go ahead with their plans.

The current General Commander of the Iraqi Army and former PM of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki has warned western countries that arming Kurdish Peshmerga forces violates the sovereignty of Iraq, in his opinion. Maliki has warned the world that taking advantage of the Kurdistan Region’s security and arming Peshmerga forces is a violation of the sovereignty of the country. The office of the General Commander has also previously warned against military planes entering Iraqi airspace without the permission of the federal government as well as “arming some internal forces”. Currently, due to the attacks of Islamic State (IS) militants against Kurdistan Region, many western countries are providing military support and weapons including the US, France, and the UK.