Large demonstration in Iran’s Mariwan against execution of Kurdish political prisoners

November 6, 2013 in Human Rights, News by SHARIF BEHRUZ – The demonstration was held in the Sheirengewe district of Mariwan. According to witness statements, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Corps (IRGC) attacked the demonstrators and arrested several of the individuals that took part in the demonstration.

The demonstrators had signs that read “Do not Execute Kurdistan” in English, Kurdish and Persian. Witnesses also state that the IRGC has placed anti-riot units on all major streets in the city and are breaking up even small gatherings of people.

Kurdish-Students-MariwanAccording to eye-witnesses, Woria Tase and Dana Lenjawai, two Kurdish university students, that took part in the demonstration today are among those arrested. During the past two weeks, three Kurdish political prisoners have been executed in different prisons in Iranian Kurdistan and at least three other Kurdish political prisoners are at imminent risk of being executed in the near future.

Kurdish anger against Iran hangings has spilled across borders, with Kurds in Iraq and Turkey staging protests against the hanging of two Kurdish activists in Iran. Protests have also been organized across Europe and North America to protest the execution of political prisoners in Iran especially Kurdish political prisoners.