Kurds threaten to boycott parliament

19-1-2014 – Kurdpress – Kurdistani Alliance, the main body representing Iraqi Kurds in Baghdad, threatened to boycott the parliament if the the legislative body ignores the Kurds share in 2014 budget.

Ratifying the constitution without the Kurds is unlawful and against agreements and national cooperation, the alliance’s representative in Baghdad, Khalid Shwani said, warning that Baghdad will be responsible if budget was not ratified in parliament. He further added the Kurds will boycott parliament if their “rights” were ignored in the budget.  The parliament’s financial committee should find a solution for the disputes and make needed reforms, he went on to say. Iraqi government led PM Nouri al-Maliki passed days ago the country’s 2014 budget without the Kurds and sent it for parliament to ratify.