Kurdish Women’s Movement held 6th Assembly

ANF – Behdinan 21.10.2013 – Kurdish Women’s Movement (KJB-Koma Jinen Blind) has held its sixth General Assembly in Media Defense Areas.

The general assembly which was attended by 120 delegates ended with a decision to initiate a new process of activity under the motto ‘Women on Action for Their Leader and Freedom’. In a statement released on Monday, KJB Coordination vowed commitment to the memory of all martyrs of Kurdish women’s freedom struggle. KJB stated that the General Assembly ended with an agreement to establish a joint struggle platform with other women’s movements in the region.

The Coordination stressed that is was an urgent duty for women to form a self-defense mechanism against all kinds of attacks targeting women and children. Speaking at the General Assembly, Besê Hozat, co-president of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), pointed out that the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the resistance of Kurdish women have enabled great changes and progresses in the Kurdish society. Hozat stated that Kurdish women led the democratic society system today with the consciousness they have gained through their involvement in the organization and armed forces of the Kurdish people. The system we are trying to develop will pave the way for the freedom of not only Kurdish women but also all other women in the Middle East and the world, she added.