KURDISH WOMEN : UN and US are responsible for any attack on Camp Ashraf, says women’s organization

ERBIL, Aug. 9 (AKnews) – The Kurdish Women’s Freedom Association stated Wednesday that it accuses the United States and the United Nations of being responsible for any attack that Camp Ashraf residents may suffer from in Iraq.

A statement issued by the association said: “The threat of Maliki’s government consultant for National Security Affairs Faleh al-Fayad about the use of force to evacuate Camp Ashraf is not pleasing and such threats are not the first of their kind, with worries about the allowance of Martin Kobler for such threats. Why is the United Nations silent towards the practices that the population of the camp suffers from?

“More than 2,000 refugees in Camp Ashraf moved to Camp Liberty and the refugees showed cooperation, tolerance and goodwill, but we see that the Iraqi government and the UNAMI did not take any step towards the implementation of the commitments and agreements. On the contrary we see that the abuses of residents of Camp Ashraf are increasing day after day, without taking any position, thus the cooperation of UNAMI has become questionable.

“The transfer of Ashraf residents to Liberty, the majority of whom are women, without the provision of the required necessities is unreasonable and inappropriate, especially for women, however, according to reliable information, Camp Ashraf lacks the requirements of daily life necessities like water and electricity inappropriate for housing.

“The Kurdish Women’s Freedom Association expresses its timidity towards the threats of Maliki’s government for Iranian refugees and the acceptance of Martin Kobler and thus informed the international community and the United Nations Organization and all relevant authorities that the American government and the United Nations are responsible for any attack on the residents of Camp Ashraf.