Kurdish representative in Geneva II criticizes PYD & pushes for negotiations

Taha Hussein – BasNews, Erbil – 17.2.2014 – The General Secretary of the Development Democratic Party in Syria, Abdul-Hamid Darwish, criticized the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) during the Geneva II talks: “their actions were unilateral and this does not represent a nation at all.”

Darwish spoke to Pan- Arab Newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat about negotiations, stating that his party is set to continue with negotiations between all parties. “We will continue our negotiation process with all the political parties so that no one can be blamed for hindering or stopping negotiations,” said Darwish. “I don’t think the Syrian government will enter into negotiations, because they do not want to share power with others and on the other hand the opposition parties will not allow them to enter into negotiations because of their killing of innocent people,” explained Darwish.

In regards to reaching an agreement on how to combat terrorist groups, Darwish knows that it will not be a straightforward task and that it cannot be done only through military operations. Darwish warned that if they do not reach an agreement soon, terrorist groups are likely to expand their areas of control in Syria. He also strongly rejected the idea that Kurds are the ones tearing Syria apart. He explained, “Kurds, Druze and Alawites in Syria do not support tearing Syria into several independent states.” “In the negotiation process, I represent both Kurds and Syrians, and I represent Arab people in Syria even more than their own representatives,” added Darwish.