Kurdish Opposition and Talabani’s PUK Reach Agreement to Prevent Tensions

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Talabani) and the Change list (Nawshirwan Mustafa) decided to end their disagreements to prevents tensions and problems we have seen before in the province of Suleymaniyah during the last elections in which some civilians were killed and wounded.

Deputies of PUK Secretary General Kosrat Rasul Ali and Dr. Barham Salih met on Thursday with the General Coordinator of Gorran Movement Nawshirwan Mustafa in Sulaimani. The two sides discussed the formation of the KRG new cabinet and situation of Sulaimani province. They agreed that the seemingly tensional situation of Sulaimani province should be eased in a bid to keep the stability of the province. Source: http://www.pukpb.org PUKmedia

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