Kurdish Language Conference opens in Amed

ANF – AMED 24.08.2013 – The two-day conference organized by TZP-Kurdi has opened at Cegerwxin Cultural Center in Amed on Saturday.

The conference which is taking place under the slogan “The freedom of the language lies in the democratic nation solution” will handle the problems of the Kurdish language and its recognition as a language of education. The conference is attended by 250 delegates as well as by BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Bitlis deputy Hüsamettin Zenderlioğlu and representatives of Peace Mothers Initiative, DTK (Democratic Society Congress), MEYADER, TUHAD-DER, Eğitim Sen and KURDÎ-DER .

Making the opening speech of the conference, KURDÎ-DER Executive Rıfat Öztürk said that TZP-Kurdi has been fighting against the Turkish state’s denial and destruction policies since 2006, and that it will continue its struggle for the protection and improvement of the Kurdish language. Calling attention to the importance of Kurdish people’s conscious attitude towards the denial policies, Öztürk remarked that it was a necessity for Kurdish mayors, NGOs, political party executives and leaders to use the Kurdish language in all areas of life. “The freedom of the Kurdish language is the freedom of the Kurdish people and the freedom of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan is the freedom of the Kurdish language”, Öztürk added.