“KNOW BETTER WITH MESOP” : THE SECRET MEETING ASSAD & TURKEY IN ALGERIA – The Diplomatic Centre of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV – DEM)

According to the Algerian online publication “El-Watan <http://elwatan.com/actualite/dans-les-coulisses-de-la-mediation-d-alger-entre-ankara-et-damas-08-04-2016-318331_109.php> “, the Turkish and Syrian governments have been secretly conducted meetings in Algiers to discuss the federalist government the Kurdish PYD regime was promoting inside northern Syria.
Citing a diplomatic source, El-Watan alleged that Turkey requested to meet with the Syrian government to ease the tensions between the two countries; these meetings have been reportedly facilitated by the Algerian government. – Watch also :  https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkish-syrian-governments-hold-secret-meeting-algeria-el-watan/  – www.mesop.de