COMING TOGETHER : KCK (PKK) delegation meets YNK (PUK) in Sulaimaniyah

ANF – Sulaimaniyah 06.05.2013 – A senior delegation of KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) held a meeting with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK) in Sulaimaniyah on Monday.

The meeting was attended by KCK Executive Council member Sabri Ok, KCK foreign affairs executive Ahmed Deniz, YNK General Secretary Berhem Salih, politburo members Kadir Heme Can, Çeto Hiwezi and Mahmud Haci Sali as well as KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) member Mihemed Pencwini.

Speaking to ANF about the meeting, KCK foreign affairs executive Ahmed Deniz said at the meeting they had handled the general situation of Kurds, the national conference and the recent developments in Turkey. Deniz remarked that KCK would be holding talks with all Kurdish parties and organizations about the historic process Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan initiated on 21 March. Deniz added that the developments in the Middle East were of great importance in this historic process when -he underlined- Kurds were standing at the central point and therefore needed to display a common attitude. Deniz said they had asked YNK executives to remove the the barriers between Kurdish parties.