We would like to commemorate Comrade Viyan who was a member of the PKK Re-construction Committee, Member of Kongra-Gel Council and a leading militant of the Kurdistan Free Woman with respect and gratitude. In her memory we will heighten the Kurdistan freedom struggle.

Comrade Viyan joined the Kurdistan Freedom Movement at a very young age and has quickly gained the trust, respect and sympathy of her friends whom she worked with due to her honesty, devotion, plain and modest way of life, intelligence, commitment and awareness. She thus came to be recognized as a woman militant leader who had reached a level of leadership within the ranks of Kurdistan Freedom Movement. She was, at the same time, successful in representing the most militant free woman’s stance against the enslaved reality of women.

In the aftermath of the international plot where the Kurdish People’s Leader Apo was captured there was a group of traitors who represented the continuation of the international plot and tried to eliminate the PKK. She defended the PKK line militantly without a trace of hesitation and with great enthusiasm, faith and determination. She took part in the PKK Re-construction Committee and continued her devoted stance within her capacity as a leader and played a significant and historical role in the successful completion of the PKK’s re-construction congress on the basis of Leader Apo’s paradigm of gender libertarian, democratic and ecologic society. She was totally immersed in her cause and thus was a comrade who was loved by all her comrades and people. She has left a deep imprint in the memory, spirit and consciousness of the People of Kurdistan. It is no wonder that to date thousands of young Kurdish women uphold her name already.

In the face of the policies of the international capitalist forces and colonialism to partition Kurdistan and to erase the Kurdish nation from history Comrade Viyan overcame all restrictions and obstacles in order to join the ranks of PKK which secures national unity and who has become one of the symbols of national unity.

The colonial AKP government had begun to implement an aggravated solitary confinement on the Kurdish People’s leader in 2005. Comrade Viyan sacrificed herself in order to protest against the incompetence and insensitivity of back then as well as to condemn international forces that have carried out the plot and to draw attention to the ongoing isolation of our leader. She joined the path of the comrades who fall martyr trying to shed light on the darkness of the international plot by setting themselves on fire with the slogan “You cannot black-out our Sun”.

Comrade Viyan has shown the forces who have implemented the international plot and the colonialist Turkish state by sacrificing her life that they cannot continue to keep the Kurdish People’s leader in captivity and impose solitary confinement and that this cannot be accepted even if it meant her life. If on the 14th year of the international plot the demand for the freedom of our leader Apo is on the agenda of not only Kurdistan and Turkey but all over Middle East, Europe and many other places around the world Comrade Viyan has played a significant role in this. Comrade Viyan has also played a significant role in the people of Kurdistan to acknowledge our leader Apo as their own will-power at all times and see his freedom as their own freedom.

Commemorating Comrade Viyan is to represent her resistance for freedom even further by taking her character as an example for ourselves. This means to lay claim to the outstanding duties and responsibilities of our times and to raise the flag of struggle even higher. 

There are only a few days left before we commemorate the 14th year of the international plot against the Kurdistan People’s Leader, President Apo. We call on all the people of Kurdistan, the women, the youth and the friends of the people of Kurdistan to stage stronger protests against the plot and to demand the freedom of our leader Apo and the people of Kurdistan and to respond by raising and persisting with the serhildan (uprisings). 

Yesterday, after the clashes experienced in the neighbourhood of Ashrafiya in Aleppo the forces of the Syrian regime air bombarded the neighbourhood. As a result 22 people most of whom were Kurds lost their lives and 40 others have been wounded. We offer our condolences to the families of the people who have lost their lives and wish a speedy recovery to those wounded.