Iran: Revolutionary Guards On Alert Over Kurdistan Tensions

MESOP / KURDPA – 9-11-2013  – The Kurdistan Provisional Council has decided in an emergency meeting to put Revolutionary Guards forces on alert in Yazd, Lorestan and Esfahan Provinces. The Kurdpa website reports that the head of National Security and the Minister of the Interior attended the meeting through video conferencing.

An unidentified source told Kurdpa that Revolutionary Guards were given the go head from the provinces of Lorestan, Yazd and Isfahan to enter Kurdistan areas  with the authorization from the Minister.

According to the source, the Kurdish cities of Mariwan and Sanandaj have been identified as ‘red’ areas under immense threat.

To protest the execution of Kurdish political prisoners, residents of Mariwan and Saghiz and some other Kurdish cities in Iran have staged protests.  Some activists were detained by the regime forces during and following the protests.