Iran Daily: Zarif — “Political Solution Possible with Syria’s Assad”

MESOP : Theocrats & Dictators bombing civilians to rescue the Assad dictatorship

February 14 – 2016 – by Scott – eaworldview – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has maintained that Syria’s President Assad can retain power in a political solution for the country’s five-year conflict. Zarif responded on Saturday to comments by both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir that Assad must give up power in a political transition.He told reporters at the Munich Security Conference:

A political solution will be possible with Assad. Neither we nor they [Saudi Arabia and the US] can make a comment in this regard.A decision about the future of Syria must be taken by the Syrian nation. People have the right to express their views and this decision only rests with the Syrians.Iran has been an essential ally of Assad throughout the Syrian conflict, providing economic and military support. Since October, Tehran has put in more commanders and troops as part of ground offensives, enabled by Russian bombing, against Syria’s rebels.Kerry told the Syrian opposition Orient TV, “There will never be peace in Syria if Assad is there.” He said the President should announce that he is not running for re-election.Jubeir said in interviews with US and German media, “I believe Bashar al-Assad is weak and I believe Bashar al-Assad is finished.”