Information and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party : Briefing News and Activities in West Kurdistan

The People’s Council of Kobani provide work for people from Serê Kanîyê

Since November this year the city of Serê Kanîyê has been bombed by regime forces and the invaded by armed mercenaries associated with the Turkish government. This has lead to deteriorating living conditions and as a result residents have been forced to leave their homes and are now in other Kurdish areas.

Many of them have gone to the city of Kobanî. Here the Peoples Council and people in general have provided assistance to these displaced people, they have been provided with housing and also job-opportunities so that they may earn their daily bread

Kurdish Patrols guarding the neighborhoods of Aleppo-

After several bomb attacks were carried out by armed groups targeting Kurds in Aleppo, Afrin and Serê Kanîyê hundreds of young women and men joined the ranks of the Peoples protection Units (YPG) in order to protect their neighborhoods. Kurdish women in the neighborhoods of Ashrafieh and Sheikh Mahsuq not accepting being helpless formed groups and announced that they would join the YPG, they began training one month ago and are now protecting their neighborhoods. These units consisting of only women is the first of its kind in Western Kurdistan and it’s a bold step forward moving away from past traditions that places women in a state of inferiority, in the areas in which these units are active women weren’t even allowed to drive cars .

People’s Councils in Hasaka forms patrols guarding the city

In order to preserve and protect their neighborhoods and their families the people of Hasaka have formed patrol units. They patrol at night making sure the neighborhood is peaceful and safe. People of other cities have followed their example and also formed patrol units.

Jenderes, a model of fraternity between Kurds and Arabs

Jenderes is a region in Western Kurdistan characterized by the presence of a mixture of nationalities which forms a beautiful mosaic of people. The vast majority of the population is Kurdish and they are living together with arabs and Christians. It is hard to even tell the difference between nationalities or creed in this town. It is a city of brotherhood.

Patrolling guard forces expell a group of armed people in the neighborhood of Sheikh Mahsuq

On Saturday an armed group randomly opened fire in the neighborhood of Sheikh Mahsuq in order to create panic and chaos. During this shooting they encountered a patrol of Kurdish guards who quickly intervened and expelled them from the neighborhood. During this a member of the civil guards Zakaria Mohamed was injured, he was shot in the jaw and was taken to a hospital where his health condition is now stable.

Residents of Kobani continue to learn their mother tongue

From the first day of the Syrian Revolution, the Kurdish people moved to undertake the enterprise of teaching Kurdish language, the people began opening schools and institutes for teaching and learning the Kurdish language, hundreds of students have enrolled. Professors and teachers of this area helped in respect. The Foundation for the Kurdish language in Kobani have no distributed certificates that have been granted after examinations at the end of each term.The first school opened in Kobani on 26/09/2011 and was named Martyr Osman School, the Kurdish language is now studied in public schools in Kobani.

Guard patrols of Kobani responsible for the security

After the liberation of the city of Kobani on the 19th of July, many feared that there would be a security and administrative vacuum in the city, but just days after the contrary was proven. The Kurdish people in western Kurdistan proved that they are well capable of organizing and managing  themselves. They are responsible for the protection of their community and have formed committees in which public- and social service is administered, they have formed units of brave men and women to protect the all of the peoples living in the Kurdish areas. These units played a a major role in Kobani in terms of protecting public property and keeping civil peace after the liberation of the city.

In surrounding villages of Afrin several shelling occured

Seven Russian-made missiles were launched in Hearoua, the villages of Sugunaki and Kimar, and later next to the village of Conde Mizin, this occurred  at 13.00 in the afternoon, causing no injuries. We do not know who fired these. The strong noise of the shells created terror and panic among the people of Kurdish villages in Hearoua, and the loud explosions were heard in the surrounding areas of Hearoua district, especially in the city of Afrin and in Jenderes.

Six civilian Kurds became martyrs after Syrian military aircraft bombed Serê Kanîyê

Correspondent of Firat news agency reported that 6 civilians, including 3 children lost their lives today during the bombing carried out by Syrian MiGs in the city of Serê Kanîyê.

The Syrian regime used prisoners from the Aleppo prison as human shields

Families of detainees in Serê Kanîyê organized a sit-in in the neighborhood of Sheikh Mahsuq to denounce the practices of the Syrian regime against political prisoners and demanding their immediate release.

Derik receives immigrants from Hassake

The suffering of the Syrian people and the Kurds in general as a result of the Syrian crisis worsening day by day, the city of Derik registered the names of citizens displaced from hot areas such as Damascus and Aleppo for the distribution of humanitarian aid to them after the damage done to them as a  result of the constant bombardment of the Syrian regime aircraft on their territory. The municipal office was open from 8 in the morning until 14 in the afternoon to receive citizens in order to register them. As a response to their living conditions supplies and other aid is to be provided to them. Municipal officials will make sure that food and medical aid is distributed to the affected families.

The Womens Society honors disabled people in Qamislo ​​

on the occasion of the International Day for the Disabled Kurdish women yesterday organized an afternoon ceremony to honor disabled people who have physical or mental disabilities.

Traders of Hassake provide aid to the people of Serê Kanîyê and to the Peoples protection units (YPG)

Traders in the city of Hassake have launched a campaign as an expression of solidarity and support for the people of the city of Serê Kanîyê and the YPG units that are there to protect the people. The campaign is scheduled to continue on a weekly basis to provide fruit and vegetables for the people of the city of Serê Kanîyê.

Distribution of gas cylinders to the citizens of Serê Kanîyê is secured with the help of the YPG

The peoples Defense Units are helping the people to secure the necessary supplies for parents that have children, they are helping distribution of food, including baby milk, and also gas cylinders. delivered gas cylinders to the Commission on a civilian for the People’s Assembly in secret Canet

An Administrative Committee oversees bakery to solve the bread crisis –

Because of the security vacuum that existed in the city of Tel pass before liberation from Baath state system, chaos spread in all institutions in the city. The bakery of the city was under a lack of control and due to this the distribution of bread was often mishandled by bribes in order to obtain larger quantities of bread and sell them at high prices to the citizens who were waiting in line to get bread. A formation of the Joint Management Committee was formed including all the people of the city to oversee the distribution after complaints were made by citizens. The committee will make sure that the organization of the work is fair and that the bread is sold at a normal price to prevent that less privileged citizens go without bread.

Aid by the Syriac Catholics to affected residents of Serê Kanîyê

A delegation from the Syrian Catholic Church provided aid and materials to people which will be distributed by the organization Peoples House. Families that came from the city of Serê Kanîyê were given a place to live in the church. The Syriac Christians turned their Church from a house of worship to a home for many people.

Sources told Firat News Agency that shells used by the regime are contaminated

A source in the hospital in the city of Aleppo, told Firat news agency that more than forty cases of poisoning were found the blood system during treatment of patients in the hospital of Aleppo. It is believed that this poisoning is caused by bacterial materials in the shells that are used by the regime. The source confirmed that the cases have been discovered at the hospital after various exposure to wounds caused by the shelling of residential neighborhoods, many people also lost their lives as a result of the blood poisoning because medical staff had no access to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs caused by bacteria.

Baath Party center in Derik turns into a center for the families of martyrs

After the liberation of the city of Derik from the authority of the Baathist regime the Kurdish cities are organizing themselves. Some of the institutions that under decades were used to plan and exercise chauvinist policies against the Kurdish people have now turned into institutions to maintain Kurdish culture.

Police Guards solve the problem of selling diesel on the black market

It is now winter and the season means increased demand for ethylene gas oil and gasoline heavily, however there is not an abundance of this and some weak people are taking advantage of situation seeing an opportunity to get fuel illegally sell on the black market in order to make a profit. The Police guards of the city of Derik reasons discovered this and intervened immediately to resolve the problem before it worsened because it could pose a serious threat to the city.

Poor medical services in Aleppo

In the Kurdish city of Aleppo people are living in conditions that are fast  degrading due to the poor security situation. They are also suffering from poor health care due to the dire terms of services provided to patients, there is a shortage of medicines and doctors have been displaced and are now living in nearby villages, there is also a shortage of gas and electricity which makes it hard to run hospitals.

Humanitarian crisis in Aleppo

The city of Aleppo is suffering an humanitarian crises like many other Syrian cities affected by the horror of fierce fighting between the free and formal armies. This has caused a shortage of bread which is the main source of food for poor families. Due to the shortage an unprecedented rise in the price of bread was noted in recent days.

Syrian warplanes bomb Tel Abiad

The Syrian regimes warplanes attacked the city of Tel Abiad pounding village areas and peasant associations. The regime were attacking elements of the “Front Victory” which were believed to be hiding there. Many of its members were killed and several others were wounded.

Bakeries shut down in Kurdish areas in Aleppo

Most bakeries have stopped producing bread due to the shortage of diesel fuel which are used to operate the furnaces and because of the high prices on the black market. In many Kurdish neighborhoods bakeries were closed despite the fact that flour is available. In a number of these bakeries owners excused their choice by stating that the authorities no longer provided them with subsidized diesel.

The Peoples Council of Qamislo together with institutions of civil society protest

Organized unions and civil society organizations as well as neighborhood councils in the city of Qamishlo protest the blockade imposed on al-Hasakah province in Antria neighborhood