Gorran movement insist on taking over Kurdistan Interior Ministry

February 18, 2014 – SULÊMANÎ, KNNCnet – : After some 25 official meetings among the main parties who came out winners of the September 2013 General Parliamentary Election, discussions are ongoing for the formation of the eighth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

However, the top five winners have not yet reached an agreement over the division of the ministerial posts.

The Movement for Change (Gorran) stresses the importance of dividing the positions according to the number of the votes that each party gain. Dr. Ako Hama Karim, member of Gorran‌’s negotiation team, told Sbeiy that talks about the formation of the cabinet are ongoing. “We as Gorran, in the meetings with the parties, asked for Gorran‌’s right to take over the Ministry of Interior” Karim added. Karim says that if the Ministry of Interior is not given to Gorran, it will not participate in the new cabinet. “Ministry of Interior is a red line” he confirmed. “Gorran’s strength comes from the citizens of Kurdistan and its advocates. Gorran’s members and sympathizers will not accept a weak attitude from Gorran‌s leaders,” Karim charged. “Gorran will not participate in the cabinet, if its demand is not met,”.