Since the information on Syrian Kurds are limited this blog post shows overview of resources on Syrian Kurds  – Courtesy Wladimir van Wilgenburg

News resources and information resources on Kurds in Syria

Human Rights
Support Kurds in Syria
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

News websites/sites
Al Kurdiya News
PYD’s website
Firat News Agency Arabic
Xeber 24
TCK website
Ala Azadi
Gemya Kurda
TKS – Tevgera Kurdistan Suriye – Youth Group
PDK SP – Parti
KDP-S High Kurdish Council/Supreme Kurdish Council site
Youth of Kobani

Welate Me – news site non-PYD Firat News Arabic (Pro-PYD)
Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşê T.C.Ş.

Syrian/Syrian Kurdish Ronahi TV – pro-PYD tv
Orient TV – pro opposition
Zagros TV – Iraqi Kurdish pro-KDP. Sometimes reports about Syrian Kurds

KNN – Iraqi Kurdish pro-Change list.
Gelli Kurdistan – Iraqi Kurdish – Pro-PUK.

FB groups

KNC FB page – Encûmana Niştimanî ya Kurdî li Sûriyê
Ronahi TV English
Ronahi TV – Kurdish
Kurd Britain
E.N.K.S : Encûmana Girê Sipî Kurdish Youth Union – Youth Group
Tevgera Ciwanen Kurd – Youth Group
Splitt-off Salahadeen Batallion – Armed Group
Orignal Salahadeen Batallion – Armed Group
Azadi Batallion – Armed Group
Ronahi official
Amuda Network
Gemya Kurda
People Council of West Kurdistan
Ciwanen Avahi – Youth Group
Tevgera Biratiya Kurd
Amuda Hura
Supreme Kurdish Council
Akhbar al-Kurd – news FB page

SA Council
Hamza Al-Shaheed
Syrian National Council
Baba Amro News
Syrian Days of Rage
Youth Of The Syrian Revolution In UK English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – English
Homs Free Congregation (English)

Experts on Syrian Kurds
Jordi Tejel
Seda Altug
Denize Natali:
Why Syrian Kurds Need Syrian Allies
Dr. Harriet Allsop
Robert Lowe, Chatham House:
The Syrian Kurds: A People Discovered
Thomas McGee
Vittoria Federici
Yezid Sayigh

Kurdish youth groups in Syria: (they play a pivotal role in Syria but often overlooked by experts and journalists):
Could a Syrian Kurdistan work? Assessing the economic and political potential of an autonomous Kurdish region:
Orsam on Syrian Kurds:
My contribution to think tank report on Syrian Kurds:
PYD not military threat to Turkey:[author]=523
Good article by Tejel about Syrian Kurds:

This is the best map from the book of Jordi Tejel, but copyrighted

This is the map of the gulf project showing ethnic minorities

This map is also accurate (although there are also Kurds in Aleppo,
Damascus, etc)