A Petition by: Aslı Aydınta_ba_ – Aydın Engin – Ahmet Hakan – Ece Temelkuran – Eren Keskin  – Hasan Cemal – Hüseyin Aykol – Kadri Gürsel – Murathan Mungan  – Nadire Mater – Nuray Mert – Oral Çalıslar – Pınar Ö­ünç – Ragıp Duran – Ragıp Zarakolu –  Tarhan Erdem – Tu­rul Eryılmaz – Yıldırım Türker

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In 20 December 2011, 46 journalists were taken under custody in raids organized on residences of journalists and media institution as part of ‘KCK media’ operation. The institutions raided were organs pursuing free media tradition pertaining to Kurdish media, while arrested individuals were employees of this very media. The biggest lawsuit on journalists had thus far been initiated.

The reason why they became a target were “being dissidents, revealing what remains out of sight and writing what cannot be expressed.” 36 Kurdish journalists were arrested. In the indictment prepared 6 months after their imprisonment, journalism activities were presented as ‘criminal evidence.’ 17 of them are still behind bars. For over a year, they are deprived of their freedom, while we are deprived of our rights to have access to accurate information.

Just as they said, ‘this fire would also burn you,’ in the cover of their journal in 1994 when the Free Country was bombarded, they now say, ‘You would also need freedom.’ Now, the imprisoned journalists, through us, voice what everyone requires: “Freedom of speach, democracy and freedom for one and all!”

The imprisoned journalists will, once more, appear in court in January, 13th.  Knowing that democracy and freedom remain unattainable without freedom of speach and thought, we state that we support the imprisoned journalists, that journalism activities cannot be deemed as ‘criminal acts’ and demand the freedom of imprisoned journalists.