Erdogans poor package : What do New Judicial Reforms Include?

30 September 2013 / Bianet – Announced by PM  Erdoğan this morning around 11 am local time, new judicial reforms – known as democratization package – offer three alternatives for electoral threshold, state aid to political parties and facilitation on political party organizations. While the speech was simultaneously translated to English and Arabic,  TRT Şeş – Turkey’s Official TV network in Kurdish – aired the speech live in Kurmanji, Sorani and Zaza dialects.  Some of the highlights from PM Erdoğan’s statement included:

“We are laying the ground for the discussion of three alternatives to the electoral thresholds. The current systems stir criticism. However, this system is not something that AKP brought. In 2002 elections, we came [to power] with the same system. Even at the time we founded our party, we brought the need to change this system. At our 4th Grand Congress, we already declared that we would change this as a part of our 2023 vision. Several reports including the one by Wise People Commission mentioned this. Now we are taking a step forward to resolve this.