Erdogan says no peace in Mid-East without solution in Syria / ERDOGAN IN ECUADOR

NORTH KURDISTAN (TURKEY) – 5 Feb 2016 – Mesop – Assuring peace and security in the Middle East and ending the migrant crisis was not possible without solving what’s at issue in Syria’s political environment, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.

“While nearly half of all Syrian people are displaced, the migrant crisis cannot be ended. Security issues cannot be sorted out unless the state is restructured in administrative and political terms in such a country that has turned into a playground for terrorist organizations,” Erdogan said in a conference in Quito on Feb. 4, during his official visit to Ecuador. Speaking at a conference on Turkey’s foreign policy and Latin America which was held in the National Higher Education Institute of Ecuador, Erdogan underscored the need for political stability in Syria, which has been a battlefield for years.