ENOUGH WITH ASSAD !/ Liaison Office of the Syrian National Coalition in Germany

Syrische Nationale Koalition: Verbindungsbüro Deutschland – Chausseestraße 101, 10115 Berlin, Germany

The road to freedom and achieving the goals of the revolution has been long and painful. Assad has killed over 150,000 people, destroyed the Syrian economy, and caused the exodus of over 4 million Syrians to neighboring countries.  Although Syrians see that the sacrifice has been great, the dream of a Syria without Assad is what keeps us going.

On October 22nd, representatives of 11 Friends of Syria countries discussed the future of Syria. They outlined their objectives for the Geneva2 meeting in a document: the London Communiqué and agreed:

There is no place for Assad and his regime in Syria

Geneva2 will determine the timeframe for transition

Formation of a transitional governing body with no Assad

As Syrians we recognize the importance of this step, however, it is still just a document. In order for Syrians to feel that this will be enforceable this document must be become binding under a UN resolution.  Our objective as the Syrian Opposition first and foremost is to accomplish the goals and aspirations of the Revolution.