ENKS Insists on Reopening Headquarters in Rojava Soon – 40 ENKS headquarters have been closed by PYD across Rojava


Basnews English – 19/04/2017 –  ERBIL — The Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) will reopen all its headquarters in the cities across Rojava (the Syrian Kurdistan region) after they were closed down by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).Ibrahim Bro, the head of ENKS, told BasNews on Thursday that 40 headquarters belonging to the parties within ENKS have been closed down by PYD across Rojava. All political activities of ENKS have also been prohibited, he said.”We have decided to reopen all our headquarters in the upcoming days,” Bro said.

The official said the US has not yet pressured PYD to put a stop to the violations against ENKS members, adding that the US has approved the decision to reopen their headquraters after being informed about it.

In case if PYD precludes ENKS from reopening its headquarters and resuming the political activities, Bro stressed that they have been refusing to submit to the Syrian Baathist regime for decades and now they are not ready to yield to PYD or PKK’s will.The leaders of the Kurdish opposition parties within ENKS held a meeting on April 10 in Qamishlo during which they set a 10-day period to reopen their headquarters in the region. PYD, an extension of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), launched a crackdown on the Syrian Kurdish opposition parties in Rojava following the armed confrontation between the PKK guerrillas and Peshmerga forces in Sinjar last month. The PYD forces closed down the headquarters of the ENKS and detained dozens of political activists who are yet to be released. www.mesop.de