1. Mar 2019 – MESOP NEWS – In Ramsar town of Kamyaran city, the Iranian intelligence officers (Ettelaat) arrested a Kurdish environmental activist Jalal Rostami. After two days of investigation, Rostami was transferred to the Ettelaat jail in Sanandaj. On Friday, the security forces arrested a Kurdish man, Zanko Ameri, near Saqqez city for “aiding Kurdish opposition parties.” Ameri was transferred to prison by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) 84 Kurds have been detained by the Iranian regime since January 1, 2019.

After a trial court sentenced Kurdish activist Farshad Abbasi in Urmia to five years imprisonment two weeks ago, the Appeals Court of Urmia reaffirmed the sentence on Wednesday. Abbasi was charged of “membership of Kurdish opposition parties,” a charge he has denied since his arrest. In Kermanshah, the Appeals Court affirmed the 10-year sentence of another Kurdish man, Massud Kiani. The Iranian Ettelaat office detained Kiani on April 2018 in Tehran airport as he returned to visit his family from studying in the Ukraine. The Iranian regime accused Keyani of “spying for Israel.”

In Sarableh City in Ilam Province, a group composed of employees and workers held a protest in front of the municipality office demanding the long overdue payment of their salaries. In the past year, more than 50 protests have been held in the Kurdish region by employees from different governmental departments after the regime’s failure to pay the salaries of many employees.

On Sunday, near the Sardasht border with Iraqi Kurdistan, a Kolbar (i.e., Kurdish border porter) Shaker Pour Khaled died of hypothermia after snowy and freezing conditions on the mountains. On the same day near Nowsud town, Iranian border guards shot another Kolbar, severely wounding him. Since the beginning of 2019, about 60 Kolbars have been injured and 18 killed, mostly at the hands of Iranian border guards.

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