DTK calls for resistance on 30 October

29 October 2012 – ANF – DTK announced support to BDP’s “mass resistance” decision for 30 October.

In a written statement on Kurdish political prisoners’ hunger strike which has entered the day 48, Democratic Society Congress (DTK) called for “mass resistance” on 30 October which the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) had five days ago declared as “day of resistance”.

“It is a historic responsibility to manifest the whole world that the Kurdish people integrate with prisoners over same causes” the DTK statement said and announced support for BDP’s “mass resistance” decision. Pointing to the “historic process Turkey is going through”, the statement underlined that the 12 September 2012 Indefinite-Irreversible Hunger Strike will go down in history as a great step on the way to Kurdish people’s freedom. “The current process is too critical to display a common attitude. All our people should unite around the prisoners on hunger strike and the demands they voice. Anyone siding with a democratic solution, freedom and human rights should not stay away from this historic process”, it added. The statement continued calling on the Kurdish people to support the “mass resistance” decision of the BDP and added; “It is only the resistance of our people that can ensure the fulfilment of demands and prevent potential deaths in the fast”.