Demirtas dismisses deal with Erdogan over presidential system

Turkey –  TARAF / MESOP – 23.4.2013 – The co- chair of Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) dismissed recent Turkey media reports that the Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accepted the right of the Kurds to win the Kurdish deputies support from changing the current political system to presidency, Taraf daily said.

Kurds will not deal over their rights which are needed to stabilize peace and democracy in Turkey. Our support to the presidential system will be conditional and we will sure stay against any attempts that will bring monopolizing policies,” Demirtas said, stressing even federalism will not convince the Kurds to accept a monopolize power in Turkey. “Time is getting over for ratifying a new constitution and PKK, Ocalan (PKK jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan) and our Party want the constitution change. An interim constitution can solve problems for now,” he added in the interview on Sunday.