SYRIA: What needs to happen more ? – Kidnapping, killings, ransom, rape ….

2013 is a tragedy for Christians in Syria. All Syrians have endured great suffering and distress. The Christians, however, often had to pay with their lives for their faith. Our bishops and nuns have been kidnapped, our political leader killed by torture. After our Christian villages have been occupied, our churches have been destroyed and even mass graves were found (f.e. in Saddad).

Referring to latest information from December 16th :

Two thousand Christians are hostages in the hands of the Islamists. On Saturday night rebels of Al-Nusra occupied the Christian city Kanaye (region Idlib. Since then, the Christian residents of Kanaya are being held hostages. The Islamists have put the Christians the alternative: Islam or death.

Why the West just watching? – How much longer can the Christians are left in the lurch?

Isn’t the international community under obligation to protect the Christians and all other ethnic and religious minorities in Syria ?

Rima Tüzün  – ESU – Head of Foreign Affairs

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