CANTON’S ? – IS SYRIA LIKE SWITZERLAND ? : Real solution for Syria is in Rojava model, says Muslim

ANF – Geneva 23.01.2014 – Representatives of the Kurdish and Assyrian communities, who were not invited to the Geneva II Conference, are holding a press conference in Geneva at which they are putting forward the message that “the solution in Syria is in the Rojava autonomous administration that combines the communities of Syria in a shared government.”

İlham Ehmed, a member of the Kurdish Supreme Council, PYD Co-chair Salih Müslim, Assyrians Union Assembly President Basan İshak, Hanibal Yakup from the Assyrian Unity Party and Peter Bronsweld are holding a joint press conference in Geneva. The first speaker, İlham Ehmed, said that Syria was passing through a historic period and that instead of participation that could establish a common life for the communities in Syria, Geneva II involved an externally supported coalition. “This coalition does not represent the peoples and the conference has thus failed at the outset,” added Ehmed, who saluted the autonomous administration declared in the Cizîre canton of West Kurdistan. “This is a model for a shared life for the peoples. For us this is a historic step. The solution is democratic autonomy,” said Ehmed.

 PYD Co-chair Salih Müslim also stressed that those inside the conference did not represent the Kurdish people and that the genuine representatives of communities had been left outside. Müslim added: “the real solution is in the model of democratic autonomy declared in Cizîre.” The press conference, at which it was explained that the canton system in West Kurdistan is based on that in Switzerland, is continuing.