The third part, “Worldwide experiences from battle to peace”, handles in detail peace & negotiation processes from across the world, including those in North Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, Nepal, Guatemala, France-Corsica, Span-Basque and Colombia-FARC. (BDP Alternative Report)

A very fruitful idea ! – because none of the mentioned movements has ever created a new society with democracy, prosperity & freedom: The ANC is identified as the most corrupt leading  party in total Africa. Following UN Reports all 30 Minutes a murder case in the RSA. (More than in the worst time of the terrible Apartheid regime). Northern Ireland: no real solution at all. But more crime in the catholic ghettos of Belfast than before. FARC ? – their days are numbered including their massive drug dealing. Not to continue with Nicaragua and all the others.

In 1998, Daniel Ortega’s adopted stepdaughter Zoilamérica Narváez released a 48-page report[27] describing how, she alleged, Ortega had systematically sexually abused her from 1979, when she was 11, until 1990.[28]

So only learn from their tremendous mistakes & their wrong-doings. The history of the so called classical national liberation movements after 1945 presents only  a complete disaster.  (MESOP)