Baghdad has stated war against Kurds: Massoud Barzani

Kurdpress – 26-2-2014 – There is no article in the Iraqi constitution to allow the central government to cut salaries and the Kurds consider recent Baghdad action a war against the Kurds, Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani told Turkey new ambassador to Baghdad.

No one is allowed to cut the salaries of citizens and the recent central government’s action is illegal, Barzani told Kaimakci on Tuesday, stressing that the move is a war against Erbil. Reiterating that Erbil has not breached any law in oil and gas dispute with Baghdad, Barzani added the region considers oil deals with other countries including Turkey as its very right. Ankara ambassador, for his side, stressed on Erbil-Ankara ties and asked for more cooperation between the two sides. Disputes between Erbil and Baghdad have gone deeper after the central government cut the salary of the region’s clerks in a reaction to Erbil’s unilateral oil deals with foreign firms and Turkey. Erbil, in return, has cut its water flow to Iraqi bordering regions in retaliation to Baghdad’s move.