OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Assad Fails to Present a Political Solution & Continues to Commit Massacres

 MESOP – 6 January 2013 – National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces

The speech by Bashar Assad confirms his incompetence as a head of state who realizes the grave responsibilities he carries during this critical time in Syria’s history. Furthermore, it demonstrates that he is incapable of initiating a political solution that puts forward a resolution for the country’s struggle and an exit for his regime with minimum losses because he cannot see himself and his narrow based rule except as remaining in power despite being rejected by his people and his traditional allies.

Assad repeated the talk about a national unity government, a national dialogue, and a new constitution – which is an acknowledgement of the failure and illegitimacy of the constitution that was passed and prepared under the supervision of his regime- at the same time as his militias commit massacres against the residents across Syria.

The Syrian Coalition believes the speech of Bashar Assad was a pre-emptive strike against both Arab and international diplomatic solutions equally. Meanwhile, the Coalition reaffirms its commitment to any solution that stops bloodshed and ensures the fulfillment of fundamental principles that have been agreed upon by most revolutionary and opposition forces, most important of which is the removal of Assad and the end of his security forces.

The Syrian Coalition calls the international community to deal with the Syrian matter as one that will save the lives of the Syrian people and the region from a tyrant that has been blinded from reality by his greed and attachment to power, to the extent that he is a threat to both regional and international security after he shed the blood of over 60,000 of Syria’s residents and destroyed vast sectors of its infrastructure.

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