Alleged killer of Kurdish women a man of peculiar habits / Guney’s Kurdish housemate Y. A.

Hürriyet – 24.1.2013 – Ömer Güney, a suspect in the killings of three Kurdish women in Paris, defines himself as “more of a Kurd” than his housemate, who has close ties with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Fırat news agency reported Güney’s housemate said in an interview. In the interview, Güney was depicted as a man with peculiar habits, possessing “four or five cell phones” and “45 tracksuits.”

The 20-year-old is the prime suspect in the murder of Sakine Cansız, Leyla Söylemez and Fidan Doğan in Paris on Jan. 9 and is believed to have joined the PKK two years ago. However, a senior PKK member has denied Güney’s connection to the organization. Güney’s housemate in Paris goes by the initials Y.A. and was identified as a PKK member in his interview with Fırat news agency. “[Güney’s] father was a Kurd but he was against Kurdism, [Güney] was not happy about it,” Y.A. was quoted as saying. “He looked as if he had sympathy toward the guerilla fight and he wanted to devote himself completely to the movement.

“He was always telling me, ‘I am more of a Kurd than you,’” Y.A. added. Güney has been housemates with Y.A. and a third person in Paris for the last year and a half. Y.A. added that during the night raid of their house French police found four of five cell phones with Güney.

“He was carrying a screwdriver, a knife, keys and sprays with him all the time,” Y.A. said. “Normally, I don’t delve into people’s private lives but when I asked him, he told me ‘I am better than you. I always want to do something.’” Y.A. and Güney spent a night under detention after the raid. Güney was later taken under arrest and is officially under investigation for “attempting or committing murder in connection to a terrorist organization.”