YPG warns Turkey to stop supporting armed groups -FLASH

ANF – Tal Abyad 19.09.2013 – People’s Defense Units (YPG) headquarters has released a statement denouncing the Turkish state’s support to al-Qaeda affiliated armed groups ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) and al-Nusra Front.

YPG pointed out that Turkey has provided support to the armed groups after they suffered a heavy defeat in fierce clashes with YPG fighters near the Susik village of Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) city of west Kurdistan in recent days. YPG remarked that two Kurdish fighters, Baran and Cuma, were killed as a result of the fire Turkish soldiers opened from the Cuma military post targeting the Susik village today.

Commenting the attack as the manifestation of Turkish state’s support to armed groups and direct involvement in the attacks against West Kurdistan, YPG warned the Turkish state against negative consequences in the event that it continued to support the armed groups. YPG urged the Turkish state to “end its dirty actions violating the security of the region”.

Sixty members of the gang groups have been killed in today’s clashes with YPG fighters around the Susik village, 10 km away from the Tal Abyad city bordering Turkey. The armed groups which have reportedly started to retreat from the region have once again carried their casualties to Turkish hospitals in six ambulances today.  Three gang members had been killed in clashes with YPG fighters near the Susikê village on 18 September evening. YPG fighters also killed three other gang members and damaged two vehicles in clashes near the Birkino village of Tal Abyad.

Nine members of the gang groups had been killed in the Susik village of Tal Abyad city on Tuesday evening.

Some 81 gang members were killed in the “Martyr Dilovan and Aleppo Martyrs” operation YPG launched on 15 September in Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) as part of the “Şehîd Çekjin Revolutionary Operation” they started early September in response to the attacks of al-Qaeda linked Islamist gang groups fighting against them. According to hospital sources, over 40 wounded members of the gang groups were rushed to Turkish hospitals with ambulances.