YPG operation in Til Temir continues

ANF – TIL TEMIR/ TIRBESPIYÊ 29.11.2013 – People’s Defense Units (YPG) have taken the control of the region between Til Temir and Hesekê as part of the “Revolutionary Operation for Til Temir Martyrs” launched on 25 November.

The mentioned region between the cities of Til Temir and Hesekê, mainly populated by Arabs, Kurds and Assyrians, has been cleared of al-Qaeda linked gang groups ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) and the al-Nusra Front. YPG fighters are also developing preventive measures against the invasion of the regions they took in the operation by the armed groups. On the other hand, armed gang groups have launched an attack targeting a control point in the Maşuqi village of the Tırbespiyê city on Friday. The attack has left one person dead and two others wounded. Officials are expected to make a statement on the incident after which the groups have left the area.