YPG Launches Operation Against ISIS In Til Ebyad

Rojava Report – 7-3-2014 – According to an article carried on Özgür Gündem and sourced to ANF, the YPG has carried out an operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), an affiliate of al-Qaeda, around the town of Til Ebyad on the border with Turkey. 

In total 16 members of the ISIS are reported to have been killed, according to a statement issued by the YPG press office. The operation was co-named “Murad Feryad” in honor of a 15 year old boy who was killed in an ISIS attack on the village of Kendal, to the west of Til Ebyad, on February 6th. The operation was launcehd agaisnt ISIS bases in the villages of Ebdik, Susik, Birkino and Miluh Elqemer. 3 ISIS members were killed in the village of Birkino, 2 in Ebdik, 2 in Susil and 1 in Miluh Elqemer. Another 8 ISIS members were killed and at least 15 wounded when the YPG responded to ISIS rocket and mortar fire with its own shelling.